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United States
NejiSasu Stamp by NejiSasu-clubim a girl brony and a sonsal supporter. I specialize in awesomeness drawing and pokemon training .my cutie mark is a poke ball. I am the biggest pokemon collector in my neighbor hood and i like pie and im a legend of zelda nerd,and pretty much everything below explains me. Oh and i make stop motion videos here…::

Q and A

Q:Are you a boy or a girl?
A: a girl of course -_-

Q:do you have any fears?
A:hm.....i guess losing all of my friends.

Q: do you like Yaoi, Yuri, etc...
A: YES!......uh.......i mean yes..... ^^;

Q:do you have any goals on this site?
A:hm.....probably to get more famous and make more friends :D

Q:any siblings?
A: yes. I have an adopted sister and an older brother. but we all don't live in the same house :D

Q: If you could date any anime character, who would it be?
A: SASUKE!!! Or deidara.

Q:same question as the last, but if you had to choose a different gender
A: Sasori's genderbend. ( I call her Sora) Or Sakura.

Q: Are you straight?
A: Nope. I'm Bi. :D Oh and I'm mostly into snake people (like orochimaru)

Q:what's your favorite color?
A: Blue!

Q:favorite animal?
A:foxes. Ive loved foxes since i was a little kid

Q: who's your crush?
A: w-why would i answer that?! O///o

Q:favorite type of music?
A: Dubstep, Screamo, and some 90's music

Q: What do you call yourself? swagfag? emo? etc...
A: i call my self vic :)

Q: favorite music artist?
A: Skrillex and A day to remember. Oh and Passion pit. UPDATE: and Gorillaz.
Q: favorite video game?
A: The new naruto game for the xbox. I have it but i forgot the name ^^; it's like ninja storm 3 or something

Q: do you have a religion?
A: i don't know

Q:favorite food?
A: steak and various fruits :3

Q: What are you like?
A: I can be friendly when I'm in a good mood or surronded by people I enjoy. But I'm mostly a mellow person.
Hey guys!
Sorry I've been so inactive, I've just been busy with school lately and stuffs.
So yeah.
Aaaaaannnnyyyyways Here are my top 5 favorite sonic characters.
I would do more but I'm in College and Careers class and I don't have enough time.
So yeah.
No. 5
Amy rose!
Yes, The sonic obessed pink hedgehog. ^_^
Surprisingly I used to HATE her guts, but her cuteness grew on me.
Also the fact that I'm in love is Amysal (Amy x Sally)

No. 4
Silver the Hedgehog!!!
I love his voice and personality!
Plus his design is just so unique!

No. 3
Rouge the Bat!!!
She's been one of my favorites ever since I first played SAD2B.
I've always loved her love for jewels, and she's just so gorgeous!

No. 2
Sonic the hedgehog!!!!!
He was one of my childhood hero's, even crushes! ^///////^
And he's a part of my favorite ship, sonsal.

No. 1

She's been my favorite sonic character ever since I was really little!
I even bought a 50 dollar fan made plushie of her!
Animation sega Sally Acorn by Karola2712

Thanks everyone for reading!
Make sure to follow and view my art!
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  • Eating: nothin
  • Drinking: tea

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DominoPunkyHeart 16 hours ago  Professional Writer
thanks for faving :D
sorrowbj 16 hours ago  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fav!! 😱 I love your account!!
victoriavaporeon 16 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
:iconvaporeondanceplz: :iconwelcomeplz:
Lots of faves... Thank you~
The Gorillaz are awesome (do you ship Murdocx2D by accident? XD)
"If you're happy and you know it kill your clan..." Laughed so much my face hurts
Also, who do you consider seme in SasuNeji? That's been troubling me...
victoriavaporeon 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
:iconvaporeondanceplz: :iconwelcomeplz: Why yes, I do ship murdoc and 2D. And either could be the seme, but I prefer sasuke as the seme.
Many thanks for the faves =)
animelover4343 Apr 10, 2014   Traditional Artist
thank you so very much for the 5 faves on My Oro pics! I have more! lol

I am also the person who draws all the Orochimarus on :iconkabutonosebleed: :heart:
victoriavaporeon 3 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
:iconvaporeondanceplz: :iconwelcomeplz:
victoriavaporeon Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hey! :iconvaporeondanceplz:
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